Your Main Problems and Questions

As it stands, there doesn’t exist any certification whatsoever for coaches and consultants in time management, or time clutter.

There are a number of reasons for this state of affairs, and if you have a moment you might check out my 2Time Labs website to see why there is also a lack of research, and not a single university has a department devoted to the subject.

This has also led to a lack of training for helping professionals in this field who end up being stuck without a single, unified source of expertise. I have started making a list of the problems and questions that coaches, consultants, trainers and professional organizers often repeat in their frustration at the lack of resources that exist today.

Biggest Problems
1. I don’t know where to start
2. I don’t have anything to sell clients
3. I don’t know what to do
4. The stuff I have doesn’t work
5. My clients forget everything I teach them
6. I don’t have enough time to make a big difference

Most Common Questions
1. How do I make the lessons I teach my clients stick?
2. How do I convert my current clients in other areas to time management clients?
3. What processes do I need to follow?
4. What content do I use?
5. How do I find new clients?
6. How can get trained?
7. How can I get certified?
8. Why can’t I just give them a book?
9. Why don’t my tips, tricks and shortcuts work?

I have been leading productivity programs for almost twenty years, and I can’t say that I don’t face these problems, or have stopped working on these questions. I do know, however, that as Time Management 2.0 evolved and worked its way into my coaching and training, I have had less of these problems and been able to move onto the causes of these questions.

Have I left off anything obvious from these lists, from your perspective? Please do let me know by leaving a comment below.