You Are Invited – To Join a Software Beta

Recently, I took some unexpected time off and I had a bit of luck in dealing with all my time demands.

I happened to be testing a new software – SkedPal – at the time and end I realized that my calendar had become a stress-free zone.

Read this post where I talk all about it and act quickly on my recommendation to get in on a free lifetime license. It’s a breakthrough tool that your clients may thank you for recommending…

Appearing at the International Coach Federation Conference

ICF Button-Speaker

I have some good news. I’ll be appearing at the International Coach Federation (ICF) Midwest Conference in Cleveland, Ohio, speaking on January 20th. The topic of my speech will be How to Provide Expert (vs. Novice) Time Management Coaching.

For a full 90 minutes I’ll be sharing my 8 Phases of Time Management Coaching in an interactive session – there will be self-evaluations and role-plays mixed in to help make things interesting.

I hope to see you there – you can register to attend the conference here. I understand that it’s the largest conference of its kind in North America so it should be an interesting experience. If you are planning to attend also, please let me know so that we can meet up for, perhaps, the first time.


A Tour of the 2Time Labs Ecosystem

The fact is, there are so many resources here at 2Time Labs that I sometimes get confused… so I can’t imagine what a first-time visitor must go through in order to get some simple questions answered.

As a time adviser, I imagine you probably don’t have time to browse, search and hunt for what you need among my different websites and other online repositories of content.

I have tried to make things easier by creating a visual tour of the 2Time Labs “ecosystem.” Take a moment to view this Prezi video which you can step through using your arrow keys. It’s best to view it on a full-screen, if you actually want to read all of it!

Will I See You At ASTD 2013?

As a time management adviser, you probably know all about the ASTD and its reputation as the largest training and development organization in the world.

Well, the good news is that I’ll be presenting at their conference in Dallas on May 20th 2013, and I’m hoping to see more than one or two time management coaches, consultants, professional organizers and trainers who follow MyTimeDesign. I hope to see, and finally meet, a LOT of you!

It should be a great session that focuses on behavior change principles using time management as the case study. I’m very excited about presenting the ideas that you see each day here on this site to a wider audience and getting some quality feedback in larger numbers than ever before.

Click here for more details:

How to Stop Failing at Behavior Change Training:

The Case of Time Management

Completed: The Institute for Challenging Disorganization Conference 2012

I just got back from the Chicago after presenting a session and a workshop at the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) 2012 Conference. The ICD is an international organization of Professional Organizers, and while I was there, I presented “Baby Steps 101/201: Radically Reducing your Clients’ Time Clutter.” It was an affirming, expanding and amazing experience. More to come on the conference in future posts.

ICD Conference Workshop for Professional Organizers

Are you a professional organizer with an interest in reducing the time clutter that your clients are facing?

If so, here’s some news that you might be interested in…

On April 24th I’ll be presenting a teleclass (TM-200) at the Institute for Challenging Disorganization on the topic of “How to Start Advising a Client on Reducing Time Clutter.”

This programme kicks off a multi-month opportunity for P.O.’s to improve their skills at consulting in the area of time management, and it culminates at the ICD Conference in Chicago in September, where I’ll be doing a couple of things:

1. Conducting a Plenary Session on Saturday, September 22nd – Baby Steps 101

2.  Leading an all day Workshop on Sunday, September 23rd – Baby Steps 201: Radically Reducing Your Clients’ Time Clutter

What are these Baby Steps Programs all about? I’ll be helping each attendee to improve their skills at helping their clients reduce time clutter and manage their time.  The name “Baby Steps” comes from my recommendation that our clients need to be taught to take small steps in developing these skills in order to avoid the failure that afflicts so many.

Between the teleclass and the conference I’ll be offering two kinds of information/training.  For those who register for the workshop, they’ll be given as much of the background material that they can handle because the training in Chicago will be less about theory and more about skill-practice.

For those who can’t make it to Chicago there are a few interactive resources I’ll be updating including this blog, the Facebook page and a game that will be released in May.  New> They’ll also be able to join my ICD Conference mailing list.

Click here to visit my Facebook Page to find out the latest news, and click here to visit the registration/information page for more details.

P.S. The earlybird deadline ends on April 30th.


July 2011 Update

We are getting closer to the August / September launch of MyTimeDesign 1.0.Free and MyTimeDesign 1.0.Plus+.

Stay tuned to this space for periodic updates on the progress that’s being made to upgrade the Plus+ product with the very latest in thinking, and implementation using online tools.

Just don’t forget to add your name to the early notification list below, as we plan to cap the enrollment at a certain limit that we can handle comfortably.