Sharing: The Secret Behind My New Book

3d cover of perfect bookThe lay-reader may not know, but a coach may figure it out… I actually wrote my book, Perfect Time-Based Productivity, in part, to serve as a guide for time advisers (coaches, consultants, professional organizers and trainers.)

Here’s what I did in a nutshell: I took the training I have been delivering to hundreds of people over 6 years and put it all in the book – everything I could think of. Also, I included more research links than anyone has ever dared (to my knowledge) in a how-to that’s meant for the layperson, not the academic.

The result is that the paperback version, which came a few days ago, is HUGE. At a little more than 400 pages it’s far too much for the casual person who just wants a few random tips.

But it’s just right for the time adviser who wants a solid reference document unlike any other. It gets into topics such as the difference between pedagogy, andragogy and heutagogy (the training of children, adults and self-directed adults.) With its 250+ citations and a full index, it gives you the source of each idea from fields such as psychology, management, adult learning and industrial engineering. In other words, it’s far more than the usual time management book filled with tips, tricks and shortcuts based on “anecdata” – one person’s experience condensed into one-size-fits-all rules.

In fact, it starts by asserting that “time cannot be managed.” If you have been following my work you’ll know that the more sophisticated clients and trainees know this fact also. They also happen to be the ones who may be willing to pay you a premium.

While I wrote the book for the educated, learned individual who has left behind the days of “Time Management 101”, I wrote it as if they were all alone, coaching themselves. In my book, I allude to the fact that it’s possible to get help, but I didn’t emphasize it much because my goal was to empower the reader fully. After all, most won’t use a time adviser in the course of their lives, or even meet one.

But here’s the “secret” part of this message: they would actually move much faster with someone else by their side, helping them along. That is, with expert help they’d be able to protect their peace of mind as time demands increase with greater skill. As a time adviser, it places you in a great position to help.

Furthermore, unlike many books of this kind, you have my full permission (upon registration) to use the ideas and forms in all your work with clients, customers and trainees. Right away, at no additional cost.

When you register, you’ll have future access to upgrades, materials. This translates to your being on the cutting edge and always being a step ahead of your clients… all of them… including those who think they know more than you, or thinking they can cleverly Google Search their way to greater productivity. Plus, you’ll have the confidence and comfort of knowing that you aren’t violating copyright by using the materials.

Some more good news: Amazon has discounted the paperback – to my surprise – but I don’t know how long it will last as they don’t advise me either before or after.

So there are two steps involved:

1) purchase the book on (in either Kindle or paperback format.)

2) register your intent to use the materials in your work, then download your forms

Also, it’s gotten some decent reviews, which I’m very encouraged by, and several of your colleagues have endorsed it. Here are some of their kind words, in the next few paragraphs.

“In this age of quick fixes that usually don’t stand the test of time, the foundations in Perfect
Time-Based Productivity will endure because they are based on both research and individuation. Get started immediately on your journey to better productivity!” Janice Russell, Certified Organizer Coach, Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization

“Perfect Time-Based Productivity presents the problems we face through a collection of vignettes. Each person will likely feel a kinship to several of the characters met. Francis Wade intertwines these vignettes with large body
of research in the area of time management, and suggestions for implementing best practice. The “cheat sheets” provide the reader with a blueprint assessing one’s current level and charting a course toward a desired future.” Dr.Frank Buck, Frank Buck Consulting, Inc.

“This book shows you how to get more done, faster and easier, than ever before.” Brian Tracy – Author, Unlimited Sales Success

“Francis Wade has written a well-researched, practical book that goes beyond time management to help you boost your personal productivity. Perfect Time-Based Productivity offers a step-by-step method for achieving your goals and attaining the next level of success in your life.” Laura Stack, aka The Productivity Pro® and Author, What to Do When There’s Too Much to Do

“In Perfect Time-Based Productivity, the author doesn’t just deliver winning formula on time-based productivity – he delivers it in a manner that makes it easy to follow and implement. If you’re a time-focused person looking to get more out of the hours of the day, then this book is, well, perfect.” Mike Vardy, Author of The Front Nine and Founder of Productivityist


Once again – you can visit the Amazon sales page here and purchase the book.. The link to register as a time adviser is on page 349, in the section just after the Summary.

As you can imagine, the posts I plan to place on this blog in the future will build on the content in the book. Don’t be left behind as we build our skills as time advisers.