mundito worldHere at MyTimeDesign we have a clear mission to make time management learning and teaching easy, for everyone forever.

The most recent research is clear – the way to accomplish this goal is to make training fun, engaging and filled with moments of discovery.

To that end we have imagined a total “Realm” of learning that is part college campus, and part amusement park, in which people of all ages can find the knowledge they need inside wrapped inside an experience that’s so compelling, they find it hard to leave.

It’s the reason we focus on creating more than just dry, written directions on how-to do time management. To date we have crafted a business fable, games, problem solvers, assessments and training.

There are many ways to enter this Realm we’re creating… and there’s nor right, nor is there any particular lesson to learn. In this Realm, you get to decide what to learn or experience, and when. You can go as deep as you want, at any pace that you desire.

There’s no need to become a Lifehacker (or even understand what one is)… you can just visit whenever you want.

To see what we have created so far, follow the links below or for a more interactive experience, check out the 2time Labs Ecosystem in this Prezi.


Bill’s Im-Perfect Time Management Adventure