My slides and audio from the ICF conference

Back in June, I was a feature speaker at the International Coach Federation Conference in Cleveland, Ohio.The topic I spoke on was “Expert vs. Novice Time Management Coaching” – I think it’s fair to say that all who attended had a great time, and so did I as you can tell from the recording!

Fortunately the audio I made came out quite well so here’s a link to the slides as well as the sound. I don’t use a lot of words on my slides so it might help to listen to both at the same time. There were lots of exercises so you won’t get to enjoy it on that level, but hey – maybe there will be another opporunity.

If you happen to be in an ICF Chapter please pass the word around – I’d love for ICF coaches to have a peek if they missed the actual conference.

Here are the links to the slides and audio – and