Time-Based Productivity, Plus

If your company has a need to tackle productivity issues then you may wish to consider using our services to accomplish your goals.

While we undoubtedly have a unique suite of techniques based in strategic planning, corporate reengineering and individual time management, our work starts with a deep diagnosis of the “problem” you are trying to solve.

The results of this diagnosis are used to carve out solutions from the ground up, working with your staff in a process of “Co-Design.” It’s the same process we use at Framework Consulting, perfected in over 25 years of continuous consulting practice.

Here are some of the elements we often include.

Strategic Planning: we use the Balanced Scorecard methodology to determine your direction for the next 15-30 years.

Corporate Reengineering: starting with a definition of your core processes, we assist in defining and improving these processes in either large jumps, or small increments, depending on your strategy.

Individual Productivity: we teach your staff members how to begin with their current habit patterns as the basis for improvement, and the importance of continually upgrading their time-based productivity. We blend both online and live training.

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