Your Training


Our most important online programs are geared towards those who have some experience in improving their time management methods. They aren’t entirely new to the topic, and have either spent been improving their own skills, or have attempted to increase the performance of other people who are their direct reports, clients or colleagues.

As a result, our programs are not ordinary, and they aren’t trivial. Instead, they articulate a philosophy that’s built on the latest research in a number of fields, only some of which are overtly labelled as “time management.”

Are you someone who has already made some useful changes to your task management methods? If you sense that further improvements won’t come from experts offering basic advice, but don’t know where to look instead, find out more about the MyTimeDesign Rapid Assessment.

Face to Face Learning

We offer a live program in Kingston, Jamaica at least once per year.  NewHabits Foundations is a one-day live, face to face workshop.  Contact us to find the next training in the Caribbean.

Also, we offer this program within companies in a form that’s customized to each firm’s needs. For more information on this powerful option, contact me directly.

I hope that you find something that matches your experience and commitment.  If you’d like a custom configuration, or have ideas for a new offering, let me know… using this contact link

Francis Wade