In our work with individuals at 2Time Labs we have discovered that there are 11 Fundamental practices that every functioning adult executes in order to manage their time. Our training in the live NewHabits Foundations program and MyTimeDesign Plus+ online program (highlighted on the Training page) are both built on the idea that these practices can be evaluated and improved separately.

The 11 Fundamentals are:

  • Capturing
  • Emptying
  • Tossing
  • Acting Now
  • Storing
  • Scheduling
  • Listing
  • Switching
  • Interrupting
  • Warning
  • Reviewing

We offer a number of ways to examine and rate your current skills. The very best method is to take the live NewHabits Foundations program, and the second best is to complete MyTimeDesign. Here are some other options.

A Casual Assessment

Take a moment to visit this overview of the 11 Fundamentals and use the descriptions to gain a rough idea of which belt level you might be closest to. Click here to read these descriptions. Your overall belt will be the lowest belt you ran in the 11 Fundamentals.

An Online Assessment

mtd self assessment transpWe offer an online assessment of all the Fundamentals in the form of 11 self-administered mini-surveys. At the very end of each mini-survey, you are told which belt you have earned in that particular discipline. To complete the full MyTimeDesign assessment, click here. A small fee is required to complete the assessment which emails you a full report at the end.

The Capturing Quiz

Our very first prototype assessment was developed for the skill of Capturing and it’s still available to the public at no charge. When it’s combined with our Special Report on the same topic, you can make great strides in understanding your skills in this area, possibly launching you to a whole new level of improvement.

Click here for the Capturing Quiz and click here for the Special Report on Capturing.

Capturing for Working Professionals

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