Teleclass on Wednesday Night

On Wednesday I’ll be offering the first teleclass for the year – a unique opporunity to learn some advanced techniques for time advisers.

I’m going to ask an obvious-sounding question, given the fact that you are on my list of time advisers…

Are you interested in building your coaching practice to include more or better time management clients?

The question is probably obvious, but what’s not as clear is way to get at the answer. I can’t claim to have the complete answer, but here are a few things I believe are missing for most coaches, trainers, professional organizers and consultants.

1. You don’t have a clear process to follow – the client/trainee senses that you, the time adviser, is making things up as they go along and that not much thought has been put into the sequence of events being followed.

2. You don’t have a philosophy – when you know little more than your clients, or can’t do better than Google, they tune out and reliy on their own Google searches for answers. Case in point: anyone can do a YouTube search for “time management doesn’t exist” and pull up 20 videos on the topic. If you are still operating like it does, and can’t explain why / whot not, you’ll be in trouble in trouble.

3. You don’t have fresh tools – pulling out old, tired chestnuts like the Important/Urgent Diagram popularized by Stephen Covey (who came long after Dwight Eisenhower made it known) won’t get you very far. Clients just don’t need you to explain what it is – the guy in the cubicle next-door will do just fine.

In the course of speeches to the International Coaching Federation, the American Society of Training and Development and the Institute for Challenging Disorganization I have been answering these questions – pushing time advisers to solve the real problems clients have today, not the ones they had 20 years ago.

Are these the keys to getting more or better clients?

If you believe clients are like kids, who don’t know anything about the topic, then “No.” Most of the blog posts, books and programs treat clients as if they know little or nothing.

However, if you are convinced that the best clients are already effective in many ways, and already know a lot about time management then you must have the three things I’ll provide you in the teleclass:
1. An 8 Phase Process to follow
2. A Philosophy
3. Fresh Tools in the form of Cheat Sheets for the 7 Essential Fundamentals (which I have never-before released to the public.)

Also, I’ll be inviting you to join me in my new individual time adviser training program – Baby Steps Online.

Visit the link below to register – it’s absolutely complimentary.