Webinar Recording and Questions

I have created a brand new Facebook page to help me answer the questions I couldn’t get to on the webinar last night (sorry about that guys!)  The technology just wasn’t cooperating at all, and I had to revert to a backup recording I made at the same time, in order to have something I could share.

After you listen to the clip, bring your questions over to my Questions page on Facebook.  You should be able to see it from outside Facebook by simply clicking here.  As you notice, I am now “The Time Management Guy!”

While this page will be advertised to the public eventually, I’m going to wait until we have gotten all the questions answered from the webinar.

Here is the recording of the webinar — just a warning, there were a couple of gaps when I realized that there was a problem with the connection. It’s an hour long.

After you’re done, remember to fill out the box on the right for early notification, and also to send me your questions to the Facebook page.