Podcast on Time Demands

While it’s true that time can’t be managed, those of who call ourselves time advisers know that what we are doing with clients is very real, and the problems that we help them to solve aren’t figments of the imagination.

We actually need some new distinctions to be effective in our profession, and in this podcast I make the point rather forcefully that people manage something I call time demands, and when we help them realize this fact, it opens their minds.

Listen in.

Reducing the Risk of Un-Productive Team Members

Reducing the Risk of Un-Productive Team Members 3d coverRecently, I presented a speech at the Project Management Institute Southern Caribbean Chapter on the topic of what project managers should do to reduce the risk of low time management skills in their teams.

It wasn’t a speech directed at Time Advisers, although I did encourage the project managers in attendance to assist their teams in developing their skills. I did make some points, however, that could be useful to time advisers because sometimes project managers become clients and trainees.

Take a moment to download this article from the Issuu website.

Top 20 Free Videos Available Now

I snuck out while I was DSC00025vacation recently near Ocho Rios, Jamaica, to start what I thought would be a small project – 20 videos on time management.

2 weeks later I’m shaking my head, as it turned out to take much longer than I originally thought.  (Here is a pic of me taken by my wife as I was editing the final product.)

At the end, I had what I wanted:  the core of the 2Time and MyTimeDesign approaches to time management in 20 short videos, most of which are under 3 minutes in length.

In each video I tried to include at least one provocative idea that very few people are talking writing or speaking when it comes to time management.

They actually are made up of 2 sets:

The 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) About Time Management


The 10 Questions that People Should Be Asking (SAQ’s) About Time Management.

All the videos are available for free at the following link – which you must register for: https://mytimedesign.com/20vidsnow

Also available as a bonus is a copy of the transcripts to all 20 videos for those who prefer reading or have a bit of difficulty understanding my Jamaican accent.  While I don’t exactly break into the local dialect, I did go a bit quickly in some spots.

I’d love to get your feedback here or on YouTube (or Vimeo) – the primary locations at which I have stored the videos.

Here is the first video in the series: FAQ #1 – Why Should I Care About Time Management?

And here is the complete list of questions that I answer in the series:

1 Why should I care about time management?

2 Why do I procrastinate so much?

3 How can I improve my time management skills?

4 Why do people forget the time management stuff they learn so quickly?

5 How do I make permanent changes to my time management system?


6 How do I figure out what to change?

7 What if I am already using a system?

8 Can I triple my productivity and profits? While working less?

9 How quickly can I produce results?

10 Is there any system that works for everyone?

SAQ’s about Time Management

1 Is it my time management system, or theirs?

2 What is a time management system? What am I trying to change?

3 Does everyone have a time management system?

4 Is it easier to mimic someone’s habits or start with your own?

5 What do I need to have to upgrade my time management system?

6 How will I know that I’m successful?

7 What kinds of supports do I need?

8 What are the fundamentals of time management that I have heard about?

9 What will a finished plan for upgrading my system look like?

10 Should I keep looking for new techniques?

P.S. Big thanks to Mike Koenigs for the inspiration to do this series of videos.  I can only think that the next 20 video series will be easier to put together!