Project Managers

In many companies, project managers play a critical role in translating corporate strategies into actual on the ground results. Time, of course, is a critical resource they use every single day to accomplish their objectives.

At 2Time Labs, we have focused on helping project managers deal with the wide variation of skills possessed by project team members. This variation represents a significant risk, especially when the team is new and project managers have no means to distinguish high and low skills.

Our solution is to provide Project Managers with specific techniques for making these distinctions, and for improving the skills of team members. In fact, Bill’s Im-Perfect Time Management Adventure is all about the challenges that a project manager must deal with as he seeks to upgrade his skills, and those of his team members, in order to avert a number of disasters.

To see the resources we have developed in this particular area of expertise, click on this page for Project Managers on the website for Bill’s Im-Perfect Time Management Adventure.