Open House for 2Time Labs Begins

We just swung open the doors to our Open House, and we’re offering a brand new product!

Of course, we are still offering our free program – MyTimeDesign 1.0.Free.

But in addition, we have also done some major design work on our Plus program, and renamed it MyTimeDesign 1.1.Plus+.  By beefing it up with some of the latest e-learning technologies, topics and fresh content we believe it’s simply the best personal productivity program on the Internet.

What keeps our programs fresh are their reliance on the newest findings by researchers, many of which have only been made public in the last twelve months.  We’re not about telling you stuff you already know, in boring formats that you are tired of.

We want to make it worth your while to take our programs, in other words, and never have reason to say “I already knew all of that.”

But the only way to know for sure whether this is true, or just hype is to jump in the middle of our training, and try it out for yourself.

Click here to get immediate access to MyTimeDesign 1.0.Free ( and look for the chance to grab the discount to enroll in the Plus program.




getting closer to the September launch of the 2Time Labs Open House, and the public offers of MyTimeDesign 1.0.Free and MyTimeDesign 1.0.Plus+. MyTimeDesign 1.1.Plus+.

Since we first wrote this update, we decided to put in place a major upgrade to the Plus program. In the past, it consisted merely of add-on Lessons to the Free program, but so much has happened

Stay tuned to this space for periodic updates on the progress that’s being made to upgrade the Plus+ product with the very latest in thinking, and implementation using online tools.

Just don’t forget to add your name to the early notification list below, as we plan to cap the enrollment at a certain limit that we can handle comfortably.