fw IFL_7716 (33) faceHi, I’m Francis Wade, and I head up 2Time Labs, which provides the foundation research behind the MyTimeDesign training programs.

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I led the creation of these programs to give savvy professionals, trainers and project managers a shortcut to solving their productivity problems and improving their skills. Most of us are too busy to check up on the latest academic research, but we still need the benefit of knowing how to achieve greater results with less effort.

It hasn’t been a boring journey, as the advent of new technology continues to open up new ways to learn and interact with quality content. We have been some of the pioneers in developing interactive, online methods of learning and we have used gamification principles perhaps more than any others in the field of time-based productivity.

But don’t take my word for it – much of what we have to offer is available for free, or at a low cost, enabling most learners around the world to gain easy access to important ideas in this area. You can immediately find a single list of free resources at my book’s website.

However, just to be clear… our offerings are constantly being augmented and tweaked and the best way to keep up is to join the mailing list that best applies to your particular area of interest. Here at the MyTimeDesign website we have a list for Time Advisers, and another one those who are interested in upcoming MyTimeDesign Plus+ programs and discounts. We also have a list for the general public at my book’s website and another for those with an interest in research shared and curated at the 2Time Labs site.

Of course, you can join multiple lists – but I promise that you’ll never receive the same email twice.

So, take a moment and sign up to stay in touch. There’s always a lot happening as we push the envelope on time-based productivity.

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