At MyTimeDesign we have a mission of making the task of learning and teaching time management easy for people everywhere, forever.

At the moment, this remains a daunting task due to the challenge due to the complex time management methods that people have taught themselves over the years. We have found that gamification helps make learning easy, and it’s the reason why we used this approach in some of our training for you a time adviser.  In this context, our work in developing online assessments is also included.

So far, our library includes interactive simulations and quizzes, and we have included a sample of what we offer on this page.

Help a Professional Organizer Make the Transition to Time Clutter Consulting

In this simulation / interactive learning game you’ll have a chance to help Wilma, a Professional Organizer, to make the transition to time clutter consulting. She’s a professional organizer who is working with a client (Adam.) She has determined that he needs to improve his time management skills, but she’s wary about having the kind of conversations that would allow their partnership to make a transition.

Click here to play this interactive game originally prepared for the 2012 Institute for Challenging Disorganization Conference.


Assess Your Skills as a Time Management Adviser

Time Adviser Assessment/$

We offer a rare opportunity to assess your skills as a time adviser. Click here for more details about this assessment.



Assessing Your Time Management Skills

Apart from your skills as a time adviser, you may be interested in taking a look at your time management skills through the lens of the methods we have developed at 2Time Labs. If so, take a look at the assessments we have for the general public by clicking here.