The Ideal Lessons for Our Clients

When clients come to us for help, they usually don’t have an idea of the best path to take. As professional consultants / coaches, it’s our job to direct them to the right process, and best possible set of results.

If we had the idea environment, we could help our clients to learn these lessons via interactive games. They’d teach themselves, and we’d just be expert guides. What we have is a choice of two alternatives.

In Time Management 1.0 the focus is on fixed prescriptions, and the major lesson to be learned is:  “Here are the ideal set of fixed habit patterns everyone you to follow.”

In Time Management 2.0, the lessons are more subtle, and therefore more difficult to deliver.

Lesson 1 – You are currently using a unique system made up of habits, practices and technology.

Lesson 2 – You have come to me because your system is failing you in some way.  What are the symptoms?

Lesson 3 – Your current system is a self-invention from young adulthood.

Lesson 4 – Let’s gain a deep understanding / profile of your own system’s successes and failures.

Lesson 5 – Let’s set some new standards for your system to acccomplish.

Lesson 6 – Let’s find the steps you need to take to fill the gap between the system that you have and the one you want.

Lesson 7 – Let’s sequence these steps in time so that you have a feasible plan.

Lesson 8 – Let’s assemble a fool-proof support system.

Lesson 9 – Let’s track the success and failures of your support system over time.

Lesson 10 – Let’s evaluate and incorporate new technologies, tools, theories, research etc.

At the end, under these ideal conditions, we’d have a client who is fully capable of upgrading their time management system whenever they decide they need to do so, or want to take advantage of some new innovation. We’d better move on to the next level as coaches / consultants, or we could easily run out of ways to be useful to them.