The Ideal Learning Environment

If you have ever played Angry Birds, then you know what it’s like to throw yourself into the deep end, without the benefit of any instruction or practice, and attempt to accomplish a tough objective. You also might know that in the right context, and even without any visible benefit, just the act of trying to get better at an admittedly stupid game can become quite addictive.

The game has had 450 million downloads.

Make no mistake about it… this is learning at it’s very best.

It got me thinking about the future of time management training. In the idea future, when a client comes to us for help, once the contract has been signed, what would the idea training environment look like?

First of all, they’d be playing games. Real-time, addictive, 3-D games that would immerse them in a made-up world in which the consequences of their actions would be felt in a matter of seconds. They’d be able to make and re-make choices just to see what happens, experiment with different approaches and make incremental upgrades to their current system. It would massively accelerate their learning, and allow them to examine what it would take to change habits, patterns and rituals without experiencing their failures directly.

Imagine how a flight simulator works for pilots… it would be the same thing for our clients.

Over at 2Time Labs we are taking on the challenge of coming up with that kind of training and making it available here on the MyTimeDesign blog.

Stay tuned…!