A Brand New Game

One of the major upgrades that we’ve made to MyTimeDesign Plus is to add in 2 simulations that radically cut the time it takes to learn some essential lessons in Time Management 2.0

Here is a link to one of them — Brenda Returns from Vacation.   <The link has been closed to give exclusive access to MyTimeDesign Plus participants.>

In this particular game, you have the opportunity to assist a young professional who has just returned to her first day at work after her vacation, and must navigate a mountain of stuff that has accumulated on her desk and in her Inbox.

As you help her make some crucial choices, you can see the impact that they have on her day, and you can play with each choice as often as you’d like, just to see what what happens next.

It’s a new way to deliver training, and we have never seen it used in relation to time management before now.

It’s part of MyTimeDesign 1.1.Plus+ which is currently open for registration here.  (The Free program is closed for registration at the moment.)