New: Tools Now Available for Time Advisers

I have some good news: I recently posted up a revised set of forms covering all 11 time-based productivity fundamentals.  This is the first time they are being made available to the public, which of course includes all time advisers.

While the general public will see them as a way to start diagnosing their skills immediately, as a time adviser I hope you see something else: an opportunity.

To my knowledge, they are the first complete set of diagnostic tools for time-based productivity behaviors. Also, the fact that they are being offered to the public means that you also have full access.

What does “full” mean?

It means that you can start using them immediately with your clients. All I ask is that you register, and adhere to the Creative Commons License that governs its use. Now, I can’t require that you register – it’s just a matter of honor in which I am trusting that most people will – even though a few may not.

It will be their loss, however, as there are resources I plan to make available to time advisers who are registered. Being registered means that you are not a dabbler, but are serious about being successful in this particular niche.

In my book, I have mentioned the fact there are time advisers who are willing to work with clients using the Perfect Time-Based Productivity approach. As I have mentioned in the past, I don’t plan to work with two or three individual clients per year – I’m not talking about myself. There is a group that has received the BabySteps training and a few stand out in terms of their use of the materials.

Perhaps there may be readers of the book who are interested in getting direct assistance, which I expect would be drawn from the ranks of registered time advisers. Make sure to register by visiting the following page.

However, the first step is to head over to download the complete set of forms here.