Learning from a Courageous Researcher

As Time Advisers, we can’t know everything about time-based productivity. At the same time, our clients look to us to provide more than trivial tips, tricks and top ten lists of shortcuts they can find for themselves using a Google search.

We need coaching and processes that are so full of “inside” information, our clients thank us. One way to gain that information is through research, and here’s an outstanding example.

In the absence of current, easy-to-find research in time-based productivity, Dr. Melinda Wilson created her own first-hand information by tackling one productivity technique per week for a year, and then writing up her findings in plain English. I interviewed her at the end of her courageous effort. As time advisers, we should all be grateful.

Here’s a Researcher Who Spent a Year Tackling One Productivity Technique Per Week.