Research that Remains to be Done

The work we do here at 2Time Labs is driven by research. Due to the lack of time spent studying time management in academia, I often have to go searching in adjacent fields of study to come up with suitable evidence. It’s an ongoing process that’s often pretty tedious. What’s worse is that once a particular piece of research has been completed, more often than not the researcher moves on to something unrelated.

As a time adviser, it means that your field remains cluttered with bad ideas that just don’t work. For example, I just saw a video with a time management coach boasting that she was great at multi-tasking. Her 2 minute video has received 85,000 views on YouTube since September alone.

I have tried to bring some order to this unattractive state of affairs, and have described the hypotheses that underlie Time Management 2.0 in the Prezi presentation below. None of these hypotheses have been conclusively proven directly, but the major ideas have been supported by related research in other areas.

If all this academic/research talk appeals to you in any way, come join us over at a new group I have started on LinkedIn for academics and researchers:  Time Management for Academics and Researchers.

Take a look at the interactive presentation below – switch over the full screen viewing after starting it up, and use the arrow keys to move from one slide to another.