Video: Why One Size Doesn’t Fit All

There are a lot of time management programs and books that will argue that their solution will fit every single person on the planet.

Actually, that’s not quite true… some will tell you that you are free to keep some parts and throw away others. But as you turn the last page or walk out of the training you realize… they never told you what to keep… or what you can discard.

That’s like telling you that you are free to jail-break your iPhone, but you’ll get no help whatsoever from the manufacturer… AND you’ll void your warranty… good luck!

Obviously, Apple doesn’t want you to customize anything inside the case, and that’s why they provide no assistance. The same applies to most books and programs in time management. They expect you to implement everything, and to do so right away.

As an adviser in time management you have a problem. How do you resolve it? Watch this video as I discuss the problem.