It’s All About the Myelin Sheathing

I just bumped into a video preview for The Talent Code, by Daniel Coyle. Its explores a familiar concept that we have explored at 2Time Labs – becoming good at time management takes focused practice in order to develop the habits that are required for even the smallest upgrades.

It’s exactly what we want our time cluttered clients to do. Once they have finished listening to us, we want them to go away and practice their skills until new habits emerge. A good coach/consultant is able to produce this result over and over, while a weak one does little more than give them access to ideas, either via the written or spoken word.

It’s the very opposite of expecting magical, instant results.

Myelin is that fatty substance that encloses neurons, and it thickens in the brain and spinal cord up when actions become habitual. Myelin thickens when actions are repeated thousands of times over and over again, ensuing that your coaching hasn’t been wasted.

Take a look at these 2 short videos for more.