Coaching in a World Without Time Management

A smart client may tell you in the very first session that there is no such thing as time management or time clutter.

They happen to be correct – don’t argue with them.

Time cannot be managed, and it also cannot become cluttered. It simply moves of its own accord from one moment to the next, and there is nothing that we can do to manage or de-clutter it.

Instead, you should know that what you ARE really doing is “time demand management,” or in other words, “time demand clutter consulting.” The objects that become cluttered, and therefore need to be managed, are time demands. (We don’t use the longer phrases because they are a bit confusing to clients, but our minds do need to be clear.)

At the same time, clients become confused by the amount that comes at them each day. They try different techniques to limit the flow, such as not using email. The problem, however, isn’t email, which is simply an efficient method of sending and receiving asynchronous messages.

The problem is that the number of time demands has increased. If you took away your email system and replaced it with paper, you’d have a similar complaint about getting too many paper memos. The problem must be solved at the right level, if it’s to remain truly and permanently solved.