Wilma: A Learning Simulation for Time Management Consultants and Coaches

If you happened to attend my  2012 teleclass at the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) you may already know who Wilma is.

She’s a fictional Professional Organizer who is looking to expand her practice by adding clients who are looking for expert time clutter consulting.

In the teleclass, I covered the principles she needs to master to on-board a new client, but in this instructional simulation/gamee, you can actually practice making some tough choices as she works with a prickly client.

It takes about 15 minutes to run through, and you can click here for immediate access.

P.S.  A word of explanation.   This learning simulation is a part of the training content that I’m sharing to prepare attendees of the 2012 ICD Annual Conference in Chicago.  I’ll be leading a workshop called “Baby Steps 201: Radically Reducing Your Clients’ Time Clutter in which organizers will be trained in the principles and finer points of time clutter consulting.