Registering to Use Materials


It’s likely that you are a time adviser: coach, consultant, professional organizer or trainer with a commitment to impact the lives of other people. They may be individuals, organizations, teams, companies… but you have an interest in making a lasting difference in the lives of other people. Kudos to you for your commitment!

You probably have just finished reading my book, Perfect Time-Based Productivity, and would like to register to use them in your work with other people. On this page, you can sign up to use the materials in a professional or commercial capacity.

(I know there are others who won’t bother to register, and cannot be stopped from using the materials in whatever way they want. I’m not addressing them on this page at all.)

By registering, you gain the following immediate benefits:

  • You can use the forms in the book at no cost, in a format that are friendly and easy to print out, one at a time (pdf.)
  • You’ll receive copies of the most useful graphics in the book for use with your clients and trainees.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to receive updates to the forms.
  • You’ll find out when I have new content available for use with your clients.
  • You’ll be among the first to access training for time advisers, and take advantage of discounts.
  • I’ll show you how to join a community of other time advisers around the world who are using the book in their work.

To access these benefits, you agree to abide by a Creative Commons Share-Alike Attribution License when you use the materials. 

By doing so, you agree not to claim to be the creator of these forms, and any changes you make to them must be shared with the wider community of time advisers. You must also attribute their original creation to 2Time Labs. Please don’t use these forms with your clients if you are not able to abide by these rules.

Take a moment to register below. You’ll receive a confirmation email – open it and click on the link. (It’s a way of preventing spam.) Then you’ll receive further instructions on how to download fresh electronic copies of the forms, plus other training materials as they become available. (Coming soon – fillable pdfs!)