ICF Midwest Regional Conference


ICF Button-SpeakerHello and welcome to my resource page for all attendees to the International Coaching Federation Conference in Cleveland, OH.

I looking forward to meeting you and your colleagues as explore  the topic I’ll be presenting: How to Provide Expert (vs. Novice) Time Management Coaching.

This is a topic that’s near and dear to my heart, as you can from this website. Empowering coaches to provide top quality time management training has been part of my mission, and I have delivered similar messages at the Institute for Challenging Disorganization Conference in 2012 and the ASTD Conference in 2013.

In both cases, I spoke to people like you – trainers, coaches, professional organizers and consultants who are working hard to improve the time-based productivity skills of their clients, trainees, coachees and customers. As you know, there aren’t a lot of resources in this particular area available for us to use – the fact is, many of the resources are restricted to books that are copyrighted and don’t give permission to us as Time Advisers to use, not even at a fee.

The good news is that you are free to use any of my ideas presented on this website or at the conference without registering or paying a fee. Furthermore, if you want to use my forms or any language specific to my forms or materials, that’s available by simply registering.

At the moment, registration is easy. Just make sure you are on my mailing list for time advisers accessible on this website, (see the link in the right-hand column) or by sending email to [email protected]. Within a few minutes you’ll receive a confirmation email, which contains a link you must click to start receiving information.

To start receiving your ICF Midwest pre-conference materials, click on the icon below to be taken to my resource page.

Pre-Conference Materials


Newsflash: All attendees to the ICF Conference in Cleveland can access a discount to my training: Baby Steps Online. It’s a program for Time Advisers, including coaches, with an interest in delivering superior value to clients based on the most recent research findings. Click here to see the information page.

BabySteps Online from MyTimeDesign Sep 2014