ICF Conference Materials – as of June 21

Ahead of the ICF conference in June, I’ll be activating a number of free resources for all attendees. You can access these materials from this page as soon as they are made available. Just bookmark the URL, and keep visiting on a regular basis. Francis Pre-Conference Materials Pre-Conference Handout – Click here to download and print the pdf you’ll be using in my  session: ICF 2014 Handout Francis Wade Expert vs Novice Then, scroll down to see what other resources are available. Most of them cost absolutely nothing.

Time Writers If you are a blogger, writer, podcaster or other kind of content creator and you are on the continual hunt for fresh ides in time-based productivity, check out this new resource I am creating: Click here on the icon for “Time Writers.LibraryAlso, spend a moment to access my personal library of time management research materials in which I share the source of all the ideas I use. Click here.

Click on the image below to visit the download page for my Special Report – “8 Edgy Ideas from Time Management 2.0

8 Edgy Ideas cover

Click on the image below to gain immediate access to my special report – The 8 Fatal Assumptions that Time Advisers Make. This paper is a must-read for anyone who works as a coach, consultant, professional organizer or trainer in the area of time-based productivity and was written with Janice Russell, a well-known organizer and coach. 8 fata assumptions that time advisers make   There aren’t too many serious games for time advisers: in fact this might be the only one in existence!  Help Wilma as she makes some critical decisions while dealing with a current client has been a bit difficult in the past. Now, she wants to work with him on his time management skills. Can she make the switch? Run this simulation and learn a few things about the pitfalls she may fall into. Click here or on the graphic below to play.   Wilma - a simulation for time clutter advisers 2Time Labs   As a time adviser, it’s important to be well ahead of your clients in terms of your knowledge and methods. The only way to do that is to stay abreast of the latest research. Not everyone is willing or able to make their way through the average academic paper, but if you’d like to take the challenge, here is my library of over 120 of the best papers in the field (only the cover pages are shown due to copyright restrictions.)


At the conference in Cleveland, I’ll be sharing the 7 Fundamentals. If you want to read ahead and learn all about Capturing, Emptying, Tossing, Acting Now, Storing, Scheduling and Listing, read this paper I wrote on the New Time Management – Focus on the Fundamentals and Toss Away the Tips. ChangeThis.com Cover - The New Time Mgt improved

Probing v2

Teaching v1

11 fundamentals

 Coming Soon

 BabySteps Online from MyTimeDesign Sep 2014

In my session in Cleveland, I didn’t mention my training for time advisers: to lean more, click on the icon above for Baby Steps Online or click here.

For timely notification of all the “Coming Soon” content, be sure to join my mailing list by downloading my special report – “The 8 Fatal Mistakes that Time Advisers Make.” If you didn’t add your name to the clipboard or enter the draw for my book during the session, or if you missed my session altogether, send me email to be added to my temporary ICF Conference-only list. Those who attended the conference and opted-in will be the very first to see the materials below, which are eventually going to be made public. Here’s what’s coming:

  • The audio and slides from my ICF Conference presentation will be made available on this page to the general public, in the next 60 – 90  days.
  • In the next few weeks I’ll be publicly releasing the last (2013) complete version of the cheat sheets for the 11 Fundamentals. These will include the rubric/cheat sheet I shared in Cleveland. There’ll be a new version released later this year in the pages of my new book (see below) – I’ll update your materials at that time.
  • During the session I gave away a single access to the Time Management Adviser’s Self-Assessment. If you’re interested in finding out more about purchasing your own assessment click here or on the icon below.

Assess Your Skills as a Time Management Adviser


I’m heading home from Cleveland to complete the last stages of editing my book, whose draft cover  is shown below. Energized and refreshed, I can more clearly see the difference I hope it will make for time advisers and their clients.

Thanks for an awesome conference to the participants in my session, and to all the organizers who did such an amazing job. 


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