2Time Labs is pleased to offer certification to anyone interested in becoming proficient in the use of our content with clients. The process of certification is quite simple, and involves a certain mastery of the content and process used in our approach to Time Clutter Reduction / Time Management.


Here are a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):


What is certification?
A consultant, coach, trainer or professional organizer is someone who has been trained by 2Time Labs to deliver professional advice and guidance to clients, either for a fee or inside a company to its employees. The certified professional receives a certificate of completion in electronic form pdf and can advertise their certification: a Certified Time Management Adviser.


What does certification involve?
There are 3 simple steps to complete in order to receive full certification.


Step 1: MyTimeDesign 1.1.Plus+ (12 Lessons online) – this program is designed for the general public and you take it to start your own process of improvement. As a professional coach, you learn how to evaluate your own system and make gradual changes over time, with the help of a plan and a habit management support system.


Step 2: Baby Steps – Radically Reducing Your Clients’ Time Clutter (online or live) – this program covers the 8 Phases of Time Clutter Consulting and shows you how to be effective with any client, with any level of skill. The program can be used as the basis of work with individuals or small groups.


Step 3: a Certification Exam (online.) This program will be completed in 2013.
(There will, in the near future, be a requirement for practical experience training a group of at least 3, and coaching 2 individuals separately.)


What is the cost?

The cost of the entire certification process hasn’t been finalized.

When can I start?
Immediately. Either take or review the online program – MyTimeDesign 1.1.Plus+ – as the first step. Listen out for the release of Baby Steps Online by joining our main mailing list at the top right hand corner.