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BabySteps Online from MyTimeDesign Sep 2014

Hello and welcome to the information page for Baby Steps Online, a training program for coaches, consultants, professionals organizers and trainers in the area of time-based productivity.

This program is based in part on content shared in public training sessions at the following conferences:

  • The Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) 2012 Conference
  • The American Society of Training and development (ASTD) International Conference and Exposition 2013
  • The International Coaching Federation (ICF) Midwest Conference 2014

The training covers two core clusters of skills:

Skill Cluster #1: This is made up of the distinctions used here at 2Time Labs, and how you can use them to improve your own time-based productivity. I strongly believe that you can’t develop other people in this area effectively if you aren’t actively doing so yourself. This means that you must also have a plan of improvement and use the core distinctions you plan to share with clients in your own life, such as “time demands,” the “11 fundamentals” and “peace of mind.”

While there’s no need to be a world-class expert at managing your own time in order to help others, you do need to be deeply engaged in your own improvement before asking others to do so, to maintain some integrity. Therefore, a major part of Baby Steps Online is engaging in your own process of evaluating your current skills, setting targets, making plans based on small steps to close the gaps, and creating your own support environment. Engaging in your own improvement helps lift you beyond the realm of delivering trivial advice in the form of tips, tricks and shortcuts, or via a regimented set of habits your clients “must follow or else.”

Skill Cluster #2: Apart from learning how to upgrade your current methods, in Baby Steps Online you’ll also learn how to manage yourself as a time adviser in your relationship with your clients. I’ll show you how to start with your current clients and expand your work with them to include time advising as a new area of focus. At the very end, you’ll have them set up in a long-term developmental program in which you play an important role as part of their support system, ensuring they don’t fail, even as they make important, but visible baby steps.

You’ll learn the 8 Phases of Time Advising:

  1. Gauging
  2. Probing
  3. Contracting
  4. Teaching
  5. Co-Diagnosing
  6. Co-Planning
  7. Co-Crafting
  8. Supporting

As we delve into each phase, you’ll evaluate your current skills in each area and develop your own training plan for enhancing your ability to impact your clients. Our ultimate goal in working through these phases is to create a “Wow” in your clients’ experience when they see you have a structured method. Plus, you’ll have the comfort knowing that you have a guided process to use at each stage of the client’s journey.

How it Works

I’ll be your coach throughout this process. You’ll be in a small group of other time advisers (less than 6 people) who are learning via combination of my online classroom, webinars and individual coaching conversations. You can take as long as you want to complete the online part of the program as you’ll have access to the materials indefinitely, plus upgrades as they are developed.

Plus, you’ll be able to use my full library of multimedia training materials, to develop yourself, and to use with clients. I’ll show you how to use resources such as:

  • my business fable, “Bill’s Im-Perfect Time Management Adventure” to help gain new clients and orient new ones.
  • my upcoming book – “Perfect Time-Based Productivity” – to help build your credibility as a coach who uses the latest scientific research.
  • videos – to help your clients get to the point quickly.
  • assessments – to give you and your clients a quick understanding of their current skills, or as a sales tool.
  • games – to engage clients in making choices in a non-threatening, immersive environment.
  • speeches and podcasts to help broaden your clients’ understanding in plain language.
  • peer-reviewed research – if needed, proof that your approach is based on science rather than anecdote.

As I share these resources, you’ll learn from them and determine how best to use them with clients as you manage them using the 8 Phases. I’ll show you in a transparent way how I use the same approach, which will give you a hands-on experience of developing your skills using baby steps.

While I won’t be holding your hand at every step of the way, you’ll receive enough assistance to craft your own approach to working with clients, no matter the modality you use. At the very start, we’ll talk about your learning objectives, and I’ll customize the training accordingly.

In a team of others, I’m in the process of developing a certification for time advises which we hope will become the hallmark of a serious CTMA Draftprofessional in this niche. Your training in this program will provide most of what you need to pass the exam we intend to create.

The Benefit to You

My goal is to make you as effective as you want to become, in line with your professional goals. By the end of the Baby Steps Online Training, you’ll have gained mastery that is hard to achieve on your own. There just aren’t many programs for time advisers, which is why you may be able to fill an important need that clients are looking for.

In addition, you’ll be able to impress clients with in-depth knowledge that they can’t find by simply surfing the Internet. This depth will help you increase your rates, as prospects come to identify your unique knowledge as important to their professional success.  This means more success for your business, as you work with clients who are willing to pay a premium for high quality advice.

Plus, you’ll be able to approach all your past and current clients with a fresh new offer, which may mean an immediate source of new revenue – after all, most professionals admit that they are time-stressed and have already tried the popular solutions without seeing any improvements.

They may represent an untapped source of new business that helps them get solutions they have been looking for, while providing you with a new opportunity to make a difference.

The ICF Cleveland Discount
Baby Steps cover Cleveland

The full price for the Baby Steps Online program which officially starts in September 2014 is $899. However, for attendees to the International Coaching Federation Conference of 2014 I am offering a discount for those who register by June 30th, 2014.

ICF Cleveland Tuition – $599 based on a registration payment of $200 by July16th ($100 of which in non-refundable.)

Those who register now will get a head start – they’ll be able to start right away in MyTimeDesign Plus+, my self-study program which covers the 11 fundamentals in detail. They’ll also receive the most recent draft of my new book – Perfect Time-Based Productivity – A Professional Approach which also lays out the work they’ll do with clients – its background and roots.

If you’d like to register using the ICF Cleveland Discount, contact me at 1-305-647-3770 or click below to start right away using PayPal.

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