Time Management Adviser’s Assessment

Assess Your Skills as a Time Management Adviser

How can you improve your skills as a time management adviser?

You may be a professional organizer, consultant, coach or trainer and have wondered…” how do my skills compare against those who are best-in-class?” Is it possible to even come up with a useful comparison?

The answer to the second question is Yes. In our research here at 2Time Labs we have been able to pull apart the complex skills involved in this particular profession. Based on our findings, we carved out a series of matrices that were then converted into a ladder of skills.

There are 8 skills in all: Gauging, Probing, Contracting, Teaching, Co-Diagnosing, Co-Planning, Co-Crafting and Supporting. After your evaluation is complete, you will be give a ranking as a Starter, Practitioner Master or Teacher in each of these 8 disciplines.

With the results of this confidential self-analysis, you’ll have some unique insights into the practices you can improve as a time adviser. These insights can help you expand the impact you have with clients, and expand your professional reputation. Perhaps it could mean higher paying gigs and a deeper appreciation from prospective clients about the unique value you bring.

Plus, you’ll be able to make unprecedented progress in improving your technical skills, giving you the satisfaction that comes from growing in the profession.

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There is a small fee to take the assessment.