My Upcoming Book


We are in the final days of preparing the launch of my new book in February 2013.  It’s entitled “Bill’s Imperfect Time Management Adventure.”

Written in the form a business fable, it outlines the ups and downs of Bill, an engineer with a family, a New Jersey home and a job that used to safe. The story starts with a mysterious email that warns him that his name is about to be placed on a list of employees to be laid off. He comes to understand that his time management skills as a project manager are the problem. He tries everything he can think of, including the latest smartphone and a popular book, before failing to improve them.

Temporarily saved by a brief assignment to another firm, he discovers a new way to manage his commitments and time that inspires him to reject a job offer to return to his company to try to make a difference.

This new approach that he invents with the help of others includes many of the principles of Time Management 2.0.

I’m planning to give away a fair number of free copies during a sign-up period, and while I can’t guarantee you a copy,  I can let you know when the book will be available from purchase in the Kindle store. Simple fill out the form below and click “Let me know!”


P.S. For a limited time, anyone who signs up to take my online training, MyTimeDesign 1.1.Plus+, receives a free copy of the book when it comes out. Check this link to see if this bonus is still being offered.