A Summary of the 13 Practices for Experienced Productivity Enthusiasts (Plus Webinar Slides)

If you are visiting this page, it means that you probably understand that the work at 2Time Labs (and therefore MyTimeDesign) is based on 13 practices

You may already know that they comprise Capturing, Emptying, Tossing, Acting Now, Storing, Scheduling, Listing, Switching, Interrupting, Warning, Reviewing, Habiting and Flowing.

If you have experience with other schools of thought around task management, some of these terms may already be familiar to you. Perhaps you can guess what these mean:

Capturing – placing a task in a safe but temporary place for later retrieval e.g. memory, paper, smartphone, administrative assistant

Emptying – removing the task in an act of triage and deciding what to do with it

Listing and Scheduling – adding a task to a list or schedule

Tossing – getting rid of a task

Reviewing – conducting a planning activity based on the state of your tasks and system

Flowing – entering the Flow State, perhaps to do Deep Work.

Some of the others may be a bit more tricky to understand. Take a look at the diagram below.

This is the flow of tasks all human beings use, even if they are inconsistent, and aren’t aware of these practices.

Storing is the act of preserving information for long-term retrieval, such as a password or contact number.

Acting Now involves interrupting the practice of Emptying in order to complete a task immediately.

The remaining practices stand alone.

Switching refers to the challenge of completing a task and choosing to execute another.

Interrupting means using different mechanisms to stop executing a task at a predetermined time.

Warning is your way of knowing when your system is about to break, ahead of time so you can intervene.

Habiting is the intentional act of creating a new habit, and implementing it in your life.

I hope this provides a short introduction to the 13 practices which play a key role in a self-assessment!


P.S. If you’re interested in gaining some insight into your profile of 13 practices, find our more about the MyTimeDesign Rapid Assessment Program.

P.P.S. Looking for the webinar slides? Here they are!

Click here to view the webinar slides