Are you ready to start your learning in the MyTimeDesign Plus program? Read your seven point program summary.
  1. Yes, I am ready to develop my superpowers. In MyTimeDesign I will gain knowledge and practice key skills, gaining the following ehanced abilities:

    • Detect early warning signs of trouble - by observing different parts of my life, I will be able to see the very first symptoms of the kind of stuff no-one wants: stress, overwhelm, lateness, tasks falling through the cracks, email overload and much more. Other people won't be able to see these indications as early as I can.

    • Diagnose root causes - during and after this program, I will be able to increasingly distinguish the hidden underlying factors which are driving unwanted symptoms. Some will be related to behavior, others to tool choices. Unlike other people, I will be able to rapidly narrow down the possible causes.

    • Apply a new personal planning method - ETaPS - by using this method repeatedly, I will learn to plan whatever behavior changes I want. As a result, I will dramatically improve the odds of making successful interventions in my life.

    • Implement like a minimalist - I will learn how to preserve my time and effort by making the smallest possible changes in habits, practices and tools that produce results.

    • Measure and adjust - I will know how to measure my gains and adjust implemented solutions so that unwanted symptoms disappear forever.

  2. Yes, I will learn to apply ETaPS (Evaluate, Target, Plan, Support) to each of the 11 Fundamentals: Capturing, Emptying, Tossing, Acting Now, Storing, Scheduling, Listing, Switching, Interrupting, Warning and Reviewing. I will also produce a Personal Improvement Plan lasting several months based on my evaluations.

  3. Yes, I agree to have 12 months of access to this program, which is self-paced.

  4. Yes, I understand that the learning takes place in multiple modes - text, video, audio and game-like interactions.

  5. Yes, I appreciate that participation in the online Linkedin community is an important part of the learning experience in this program.

  6. Yes, I agree that if I am not satisfied, Framework Consulting Inc, will refund the entire tuition as long as I request it within 15 days of payment.

  7. Yes, I agree to claim a seat in the program with immediate access to the materials for the tuition of only US$349 US$249. I understand that the price quoted is available for a limited time while the program is being upgraded and re-platformed.

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